A centre of excellence educating responsible
future leaders and citizens.

DU Core Values: I-RISE

· Integrity places a premium on honesty as the foundation of trust and responsibility
· Research is the search-engine that discovers all degrees of Truth, an enemy of laziness
· Innovation is the code for unlocking the genius within individuals, transforms nations
· Selfless-service is the final triumph of the Self over the real enemies of the Self, and Groups
· Excellence in academics and character invests in hard-work, but guarantees the future


 The Dominican University is a newly licensed university, promoted by the Dominicans who have 800 years of experience in human formation and education. For 23 years, Dominicans have run a Philosophy degree programme, fully accredited by the National Universities Commission, at the Dominican Institute Ibadan.
DU will eventually offer programmes in all disciplines, but added at different stages of its development.

Dominican University forms the whole person by integrating theory and practice, faith and reason, science and religion.


To be a university that assists Nigeria to achieve the greatness her potential warrants. Dominican Education promotes excellence in academics and character.
. To break the cycles of poverty and unemployment among our youths by empowering them to fulfill their highest potential.
· To promote and coordinate research and teaching in the sciences, humanities and management.
· To transform Nigeria’s ethnic and religious diversity from a liability to an asset because Dominican education is driven by specific Core Values.
· To be a driving force for national integration and development.